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Smoke Testing

During the month of August, the Sanitary Sewer Collection System within the area of Burton Street, East Market Street, and Murray's Lane will be SMOKE TESTED.
The areas of concern will be SMOKE TESTED between August 2 through August 6, 2021, starting at 9:00 AM.
This testing uses a WHITE SMOKE, that is forced through the sewer lines using air pressure to help locate any INFLOW/INFILTRATION AREAS in the sewer system caused by breaks in the lines, condition of manholes, broken clean-outs, and also it will help locate any UNLAWFUL SEWER CONNECTIONS, such as: downspouts, weep tiles, and sump pumps discharging into the sanitary sewer.
If anyone has any medical issues, such as having to use oxygen, breathing difficulty, or has need of further knowledge about this test procedure, you are to contact the Town Administrative Office at (302) 856-7391 as soon as possible, so that the Office Staff can arrange to assist you.
The smoke is a special non-toxic material, which will not cause health problems nor damage property.
If your home or business is problem free, you will not experience any smoke. You may receive smoke if you have a faulty or blocked ventilation pipe or a dry floor drain.
If you have drains or toilets that are not in use, pour water into the drains and toilets. This will prevent smoke coming in your home from these sources.
OFFICE NUMBER: (302) 856-7377, or (302) 381-5642 Please call during normal business hours.
This testing of the sanitary sewer collection system will help locate sources of inflow/infiltration, and when test problem areas are corrected this will reduce the amount of water in the wastewater system that the community has to pump and treat, thus help reduce the costs of operation and maintenance.
Delaware Rural Water Association is assisting the Town of Georgetown in the project, at no cost to the community and its residents.

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