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Business > Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Where do I get a Town Business License?
Applications for a Town of Georgetown Business License are available at the Planning Department located at 39 The Circle. The form is also available online.

Where do I get a State Business License?
For a Delaware Business License, contact the Division of Revenue 302-856-5358

How much is a Town Business License?
The cost of a Town license varies depending on the type and location of the business. See Chapter 98 of the Town's General Code for fees.

When is a Town Business License needed?
A business license is required when a person or company engages in business within the Town Limits of Georgetown regardless of the location of the originating office. See Chapter 130, Section 2 of the Town General Code. 

What are the steps to opening a business in the Town of Georgetown?
For easy reference purposes, a flow chart of the process has been developed.

Steps to Opening a Business in Georgetown

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