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Departments > Planning Department

Planning Department

Hours of Operation:                                        Mailing and Physical Location:

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday                       37 The Circle 
Closed Town Holidays                                               Georgetown, DE 19947             Phone: (302) 856-7391   Fax: (302) 856-6348


*Jocelyn Godwin, Planning Administrator

Jocelyn is responsible for the Town’s mapping (zoning, town limits, parcel, addresses, map/tax work orders) needs, annexations, variances/exceptions, monthly and annual reports, special projects, reviewing and approving building permits,  and business license applications, as well as the Department scheduling, payroll and budgeting. Jocelyn attends and prepares minutes for the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission meetings.

*Jamie Craddock, Planning Assistant

Jamie is responsible for the Department’s purchasing, reviewing and approving building permit and business license applications, Board/Commission support (agenda’s, meeting notifications and packets), posting agendas and Public Notices in the newspaper, attending and taking minutes for Predevelopment meetings, updating web site for department, daily cash receipt reconciliation, review of plan applications, as well as assisting the general public.


Do you need a Building Permit?

Building Permit Issuance Guide


Town of Georgetown Zoning Map

Zoning Map


Zoning by Tax Map & Parcel Number

Property Zoning by Tax Map & Parcel Number


Town of Georgetown Walkability & Connectivity Study

Final Report

Comprehensive Plan

The Town's Comprehensive Plan was adopted in January 2010. The intent of the comprehensive plan is to guide the officials of Georgetown in making decisions concerning the present and future of the Town. This document serves as a resource to guide future development proposals in applying the quality of life the Town has established. 

Town of Georgetown Comprehensive Plan Adopted 2010

Georgetown_Borders_and_Potential_Annexation_Areas_Map.pdf                Strategies_for_State_Policies___Spending_Map_1.pdf

Watersheds_and_Waterways_Map.pdf                                                           Existing_Land_Use_Map_-_Georgetown.pdf

Georgetown_Area_-_USGS__Map.pdf                                                            Existing_Land_Use_Map-_Georgetown_1000_scale.pdf

Important_Natural_Areas_2008_-_Georgetown.pdf                                        2008_Sussex_County_Future_Land_Use_Plan_Map.pdf

Wellhead_Protection_Areas_Map_1.pdf                                                        Town of Georgetown Comp Plan Revised Map 022719

Code of the Town of Georgetown

The Code of the Town of Georgetown provides all the rules and regulations set forth by the Mayor and Council. The Code is divided into two major divisions. The first division includes the Charter of the Town and the second division includes all legislation of a general and permanent nature. Click here for the Town of Georgetown's Code. Chapter 230 is the Zoning Code for the Town.


Predevelopment Meeting

We have provided this predevelopment meeting packet to assist developers, engineers, surveyors and architects with a reference document when proposing a project within the Town limits of Georgetown.

Predevelopment Meeting Packet

Office of State Planning Memorandum of Understanding


Development Design Standards

The Development Design Standards of the Town promote orderly community growth which will both protect and enhance property values for the community as a whole.   

Design Standards

Design Guidelines for East Market Street


Special Studies

At various times, the Town has special studies completed on various topics. The reports, or other output, from these studies are presented below.

Cool & Connect - Final Report (February 21, 2017)

Historic District Review Committee - Final Report (October 2014)

Marketing Georgetown as an Authentic Dining Destination


Design and Construction Standards for Water, Sewer and Streets

Construction Standards

Fee Schedule

Building Permit Fees